New Patients

Patient Forms

Please print and fill out these forms so we can expedite your first visit. Please note that you can also fill out most portions of the form in Adobe (only respond yes to health conditions that apply).

In order to view or print these forms you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Click here to download it: Get Adobe Reader

What To Expect

[1] Book an Appointment and Fill Out New Patient Forms:
Give us a call to schedule your appointment at Penniall Family Dental. We value your time, and our team will work closely with you to find a convenient day and time that suits your schedule best. To make the most of your visit, we encourage you to fill out the new patient forms in advance. Alternatively, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to your appointment in order to complete any necessary paperwork. We're here to assist you every step of the way!

[2] Welcome and Introduction:
Welcome to Penniall Family Dental! As you step into our dental office, our warm and friendly dental team will personally greet you, ensuring a comfortable start to your visit.

[3] Review of History, X-rays, and Charting:
Our experienced dental hygienists will carefully review your medical history and address any concerns you may have. We employ cutting-edge technology to take X-rays, providing comprehensive insights into your oral health, while meticulously charting your teeth for accurate records.

[4] Dental Cleaning (Hygiene Appointment):
As part of your first visit, we will often schedule you for a dental cleaning (hygiene appointment). One of our dental hygienists will perform a thorough cleaning, removing plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth, leaving your smile fresh and healthy. This essential cleaning helps maintain optimal oral health and sets the foundation for your dental wellness.

[5] Discussion of Dental Concerns and Comprehensive Dental Examination:
Your oral health matters to us. During your visit, our skilled dentists will engage in a thorough discussion about your dental concerns, followed by a comprehensive dental examination, including an oral cancer screening.

[6] Treatment Options and Recommendations:
At Penniall Family Dental, we prioritize personalized care. Based on the examination results, our doctors will present you with tailored treatment options and expert recommendations, addressing your specific dental needs and aspirations.

[7] Final Questions and Future Appointments:
We want you to feel informed and confident about your dental care journey. Feel free to ask any questions or seek clarifications on treatments, procedures, or any aspect of your oral health. 
Should you need to schedule any additional appointments for treatment, our administrative team will assist you in finding a time that works with your schedule. Our team is here to support you.

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